Laying on Hands Healing

saranam I allow Divine Love to flow through me to facilitate the clearing of blockages and the restoration of a natural flow of energy and vitality.

I have watched bones move and transform in ways that would otherwise seem impossible.  Spontaneous adjustments, as well as internal and emotional changes, occur as the body accepts the increased flow of Divine Love.  People always feel uplifted after a session, and the healing transformations often continue for days or even weeks afterwards.

'Most amazing experience....Haven't felt this good in----forever! Being energetically aligned is a fabulous feeling.'

Descriptions do not do justice to this work, and photographs only allude to what really goes on, but here is one client:

Before                                  After

Laying on Hands Healing is part of my service as a minister.

$121 per session. Please contact me to arrange a session.

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