Spiritual Life Coaching with Saranam

saranam I am an empath, so I can give you specific information about the chakras affected by your current issues and the areas of your field that are blocked, contracted or diminished in energy flow.  In this way, I can compassionately guide you to solutions and resolutions that free and expand your chakras and allow for a free flow of energy in your field.  I can also give you information about patterns from childhood conditioning and from previous lifetimes that are affecting your current situation. This self-empowering process of freeing your energy field and your emotional body of restriction and blocks that have manifested as inner and outer struggles, gives you the opportunity to create your life with an expanded sense of power and an awareness of opportunities that were previously hidden from your view.

This process allows your authentic self to expand and merge with your social self, pushing aside and dissolving the fears that have blocked your authentic expression in the world.

I do not make decisions for you.  I simply give you greater clarity and an expanded viewpoint so that you can make your own self-empowered decisions about the issues you are facing.

$121 per session. Please contact me to arrange a session.