Chakra Healing and Clearing

saranam The chakras are the primary energy centers of the etheric body.  They oftem become blocked with emotions like fear, shame, guilt, anger, resentment, obligation, hatred and self-hatred.  In addition, energetic cords with other people or entities can obstruct the natural flow of loving energy through the chakra system.

I offer specific guidance and spiritual techniques, teaching you as I help you to clear yourself. Because I can see the energy structures in your chakras and your field, I can give you immediate and direct feedback about your success in clearing obstructions and attachments, while I support and assist you in the clearing process. My goal is to empower you with techniques you can continue to use each day to keep yourself clear.

chakra In a typical healing session, I will first read your aura, letting you know where I see blocks and constrictions in the flow of energy through your chakra system. Then I will guide you with specific techniques to direct focused energy to dislodge blockages and unhealthy cords and attachments, and to open, activate and energize areas that are constricted. After an area is cleared, I will work with you to fill each chakra and your entire energy field with Divine Love. I will guide you do as much of the work as possible with my assistance, so you are empowered to continue clearing your own field in your every-day life. Throughout the session I will hold a strong field of Divine Love to facilitate all the guided work I ask you to do, and whenever it is called for, I will offer my direct assistance in clearing difficult cords or attachments.

This technique is much more effective than simply clearing an obstruction for you, because it gives you the tools you need to keep yourself clear and to express your natural inner radiance throughout your every-day life. And of course, I am present throughout the session, maintaining a resonant field of Divine Love to facilitate your healing, offering direct assistance whenever it is required.

$121 per session. Please contact me to arrange a session.