About Saranam

saranam I have been practicing healing work for over 30 years. I work with my clients, guiding them to open to more Divine Love and to focus that powerful, transforming Love to clear out entities, unhealthy cords and emotional obstructions, such as fear, shame, guilt and self-hatred, so they can open to their own inner Divinity. I work with the earth, the sun, the galactic center, and enlightened beings to assist with each individual's clearing process.

In my understanding, healing is another word for awakening or self-realization. The Divine Presence has never left you.  It is deep within your heart waiting for your awareness to return.  In that awakening, all your false beliefs about yourself will fall away until you are left standing in the radiant splendor of your true self.  This is everyone's destiny.


http://celestialhealing.us/blog/ for self-help articles.


"Thank you Saranam. With all the divine grace I really appreciate your help. I don't fully know who I am because I've just had snippets of it revealed to me. That silver energy is her coming in and I feel so much safer to be on this planet. It was your healing ability combined with your natural love of all things that helped me feel safe. You are a gift to this planet and all who meet you. Thank you for being my friend and for helping me understand" - Jayshree

"I had a recent healing with Saranam and Deborah. It's the first time I have ever been lucky enough to experience two master energy healers working on me at the same time. They both have impressive training and life experience and are beautiful souls. The healing was unique in that they didn't touch me but were able to ascertain areas of stuck and intrusive energies and with careful guidance, help ME to release them. I went to them for help with physical symptoms I had related to a recent relationship break up and after a few days felt this condition shifting and eventually releasing from my body. Well worth having them both working on you if you are ready to experience their unique and loving style." - Alan

"You have been such a huge instrument in my healing. You have shared wisdom that in all the searching I have done I was unable to find until you." - Kelly

"So much love fills & expands my heart with meeting you. Thank you so much for helping me along my way to becoming. I am forever grateful. Oceans of Love and Light" - Justine

"I'd like to thank you again for the session. I really like your style/ technique. Thinking about it later I realized you gave me a great gift. That is empowerment. You showed me respect as an individual and were a great teacher. I will daily do the technique you taught. Stay healthy and thanks again!!" - Sue

"Thank you very much for your introduction to healing. Beryl and I both felt the love you generated in your instruction. When I had finished I felt the warmth in my heart chakra and indeed in my whole body. As did Beryl. It has reinforced our enthusiasm to stay on this path. We love your connection with Mother Earth and the Sun which we intend to include in our daily meditations. Beryl and I feel so invigorated, when we went into the garden and touched our bare feet on Mother Earth as you were transmitting the healing energy I had the most intense and rich feeling of the colours in each chakra that I have so far experienced. We would both like to continue having healing with you from time to time. Love Light & Blessings" - Beryl & Bob

Saranam is an ordained minister of the Church of the House of Golden Light