Saranam - Spiritual Healer and Teacher

Mount Shasta, CA

Chakra Clearing and Balancing
Clearing Cords and Astral Entities
Clearing Emotional Blocks and Trauma

saranam I offer specific spiritual techniques, while guiding and assisting my clients to clear their chakras and energy fields of both internal and external obstructions.

With my presence, guidance and assistance, I help people to clear unhealthy cords and obstructions, facilitating the release of fear, shame, guilt, anxiety, low self-worth, anger, etc., while activating the chakras and the energy field to expand with healthy vitality. I also help people remove parasitic entities, etheric devices (implants), and other etheric structures that restrict or interfere with the healthy functioning of their energy fields.

I offer laying on hands healing for physical issues, bringing in resonant field of Divine Light to effect change.

I am available for sessions remotely or in-person for $121 per session. Remote sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions.


Contact me for a free mini-reading to determine the areas in your field that are obstructed or contracted and which need more light and expansion.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty and need a session, please contact me, and I will offer you a reduced rate.

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Note: Saranam is a minister offering spiritual healing and counseling.
His offerings are not a substitute for qualified medical or psychological advice.